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What Sets Luxury Bedding Apart – and Which Sheet Set is Best

Maybe you bought a new mattress and want sheets just as spiffy. Or you’ve got houseguests coming and you want to give them a five-star hotel experience. Perhaps it’s just time for an upgrade to the finer things in life. Whatever your reason for deciding to invest in luxury bedding, finding the perfect sheet set can be an exhausting process – but so satisfying when you get it right. Let us cut through the clutter and present our pick for the best of the best – the Wamsutta® Dream Zone® 1000-Thread-Count PimaCott® Sheet Set.

What Makes a Luxury Sheet Set Different?

When you’re searching for the perfect bedding linens, there are lots of different things to consider – but just a few things that really set investment-quality sheets and pillowcases apart. We all know to look for a high thread count, the measure of individual threads woven into each square inch of fabric, but even more important is the type of cotton itself – and the purity of that cotton. A high-quality cotton will stay stronger and softer longer. Make sure you choose an extra long staple variety – like Pima – that you can verify hasn’t been mixed with inferior cottons. With the highest quality cotton and a reputable brand, a higher thread count (up to about 1,000) really will make for a silkier feeling sheet. Finally, true luxury is found in attention to detail, so look for a sheet set that goes above and beyond in features that makes the bedding easier to care for, use, and love.

Why are Wamsutta® Dream Zone® Sheets the Best?

Not only does the Wamsutta® Dream Zone® 1000-Thread-Count PimaCott® Sheet Set hit the upper end of the thread count sweet spot, but they’re made with the ultimate in luxury cotton. PimaCott is the only cotton that is scientifically proven to be pure pima, free of any inferior cotton blends or deceptive labeling. The sheets and pillowcases in this luxury bedding set are made of 100% sateen-weave PimaCott cotton for the ultimate in sleeping comfort and long-wearing quality. Proven pure pima cotton is softer, stronger, more breathable, and less likely to pill or fade than other cottons. When it comes to high-quality details, the Wamsutta® Dream Zone® feature a unique Boxer Fit design, with an extra-deep pocket fitted sheet to fit mattress up to 20 inches deep, and the pillowcases have a tailored European envelope design that holds the pillow in place and neatly covers the end of the pillow.

Experience luxury that lasts. Wamsutta linens made with PimaCott are verified pure pima cotton, grown in the San Joaquin Valley, CA. The purity of our extra long and dense fibers makes PimaCott softer, more durable, and more vibrant than regular cotton. Never blended or contaminated, you’re getting the purest pima possible. It’s the Wamsutta quality you expect and the luxuriousness you’ll enjoy for years to come.