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Pima. Egyptian. Percale. Sateen. If you’ve ever wondered what those words on the tag mean, you’re not alone. Our cotton guide will help you make sense of them. From the different types of cotton to the various weaves, you’ll be a cotton connoisseur in no time.

Cotton plants
Types of Cotton

Pima, Egyptian, and Upland

From the sheets you sleep on to the clothes you wear, there are three main types of cotton available in stores. Here’s how to choose the one for you.

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4 cotton weaves
Cotton Weaves

Find your favorite fabric

From sateen and percale to flannel and twill, these are the differences between your favorite cotton fabrics.

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Woman removing towels from washer
Cotton Care

Keeping Cotton Beautiful

Cotton is as easy to care for as it is comfortable. Follow these simple tips to keep your cotton products looking and feeling beautiful wash after wash.

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