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Cotton Weave Types

After cotton is harvested on the farm, it is spun into thread and woven into a wide variety of different fabrics: sateen, percale, flannel, and twill.

Sateen sheet


With its unique satin-like weave, sateen is the most luxurious of all cotton fabrics. This dense fabric gives off a subtle sheen that is elegant to the eye and silky smooth to the touch. The sateen weave is wrinkle-resistant and drapes beautifully, hence it’s most common use in fine bed sheets.

Percale fabric


Crisp, cool percale is defined by an ultra-breathable weave that feels comfortable against the skin no matter what the weather. With a casual, no-sheen finish, the percale weave can also be more prone to wrinkles. Note that while similar, percale is not to be confused with linen, which is actually made of flax, not cotton.

Flannel fabric


A unique brushed technique makes this weave soft to the point of plushness. Cozy and warm, flannel weaves are commonly used in cold weather clothing, blankets, bed sheets, and pajamas. Flannel is often made of cotton but can also be made of wool or synthetic fibers.

Twill fabric


A distinctive diagonal weave gives twill fabric a visible pattern and texture. The twill weave's uneven surface helps mask dirt and stains, making twill the perfect fabric for hard-wearing items like furniture upholstery and denim clothing.

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