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Verification Technology

At PimaCott, we've got pima cotton purity down to a science. We start by authenticating our pima cotton through a process called fiberTyping®. This patented genomic test confirms that the pima from our farms is indeed pure pima. Then, we tag our pima with SigNature® T. This invisible molecular marker allows us to track every fiber at every phase, from farm to store. Our pima is repeatedly tested for purity. So when it becomes a final product, you can be sure it contains nothing less than the purest premium pima — and that’s a fact.

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WHAT IS SigNature® T?

SigNature T is an invisible molecular marker that allows us to tag, test, and track PimaCott pima cotton at every step, from dirt to shirt. We can ensure our pima is never blended with inferior cottons. So the pima we grow is the pima you get: soft, strong, and proven pure.

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SigNature T scientifically verifies pima cotton purity on a molecular level

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SigNature T has zero effect on cotton’s appearance and performance

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SigNature T cannot be washed out, scrubbed out, or bleached away

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Molecular signature is unique to PimaCott and cannot be copied by imposters

Learn more about fiberTyping and SigNature® T  at Applied DNA Sciences.

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How It's Made

Turning Pure Pima
Into Pure Products

All pima cotton starts out pure. But only PimaCott ensures it’s woven pure, sewn pure, and sold pure, too. 

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Why PimaCott

discover PIMA COTTON

What could make the world’s most luxurious cotton even better? Proving it stays absolutely pure. Discover what makes PimaCott the new standard in pima purity.

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