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False thread counts, and other things to watch out for when buying sheets

"There’s a new kind of “short-sheeting,” and instead of a practical joke, this kind is an international crime."

Did People Suffer For Your Cotton Shirt? DNA Tagging Lets You Track Its Origins

"With a tiny marker on every grain of cotton, Pimacott can keep labels honest. Now if only the rest of the industry would catch up."

DNA Testing Could Put an End to Fake Egyptian Cotton

"It’s been an open secret among experts in the cotton industry that products often labeled as 100 percent Egyptian or Pima cotton are made in part or entirely of cheaper cotton."

High-End California Cotton Stays Pure Thanks to DNA Testing

"Not all cotton is of equal quality. In fact many times higher grade cotton products have been laced with inferior fiber."

Face2Face with Himatsingka President David Greenstein

"Brands understand the confusion prevailing in the definition of Egyptian cotton, and are looking for sources to verify where their cotton is coming from and to get the purest cotton possible in their products."

‘Big Cotton’ Conspiracy? Untangling Industry Mislabeling

"Bait-and-switch labeling, inferior products, counterfeit schemes, environmental violations: These devious tactics are rampant in the cotton industry…"

Keeping It Real: Welcome to the Age of Transparency

"On the cotton side of the business, the new PimaCott initiative uses DNA technology to mark and track Pima cotton to authenticate its purity from farm to finished product."