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cotton faq

What is PimaCott?

PimaCott is the world's only proven pure pima cotton. So when you see PimaCott on the label, you know you're getting a pure pima product. Our revolutionary tracking system monitors our pima from the farm to the store. This ensures it's never blended with inferior cottons. For premium pima cotton quality you can see, feel, and most importantly, trust.

What makes PimaCott different from other pima cottons?

While other pima cottons may claim to be made of pure pima cotton, only PimaCott can scientifically prove it. Using a revolutionary verification system, we tag, track, and test our pima to ensure it's never contaminated or compromised, from the time it leaves our farms in the San Joaquin Valley to the time it arrives in stores. Just look for the PimaCott logo, and rest assured you’re getting nothing but pure premium pima cotton.

Where can I buy PimaCott products?

There's nothing quite like the luxury of the purest pima cotton, and with PimaCott, you can finally experience it for yourself. Shop now for pure pima cotton products like sheets and towels from the brands you love. And if you're a retailer, click here to learn more about the benefits of using PimaCott in your products, or contact us today.

What is the difference between Egyptian cotton and pima cotton?

As extra-long staple cottons, both pima and Egyptian offer superior cotton quality. The only difference lies in where they're grown. Pima cotton is grown chiefly in the United States, whereas Egyptian cotton thrives in the hot, dry climate of the Nile River Valley. Sadly, many cotton products labeled “Egyptian” or "pima" are, in fact, made with an inferior cotton blend. PimaCott is the only extra-long staple cotton that verifies its pima is nothing less than pure. See how we're setting the new standard for pima purity.

How can I be sure my cotton products are sustainably and ethically sourced?

Because the cotton supply chain is wildly complex, it can sometimes be difficult to verify where cotton comes from. That's why PimaCott is setting a new standard. Our verification technology gives us visibility into the life of our pima cotton at every turn. We know where it's grownwho it's grown by, and the exact set of ethical standards under which it's produced. Learn more about the ways PimaCott is partnering with family-owned farms in California’s San Joaquin Valley to produce a more sustainable, higher-quality cotton.

What is pima cotton?

Pima is considered the finest cotton in the world. The extra-long staple fibers make true pima extra soft and extra strong. Authentic pima cotton is a luxuriously smooth fabric that is resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading. With a name that is synonymous with quality, many products claim to be made of pure pima cotton. But only PimaCott is verified to be made of pure pima cotton. Learn more about the importance of choosing pima cotton that is proven pure.

What types of cotton are out there?

The cotton that makes its way onto store shelves comes from three distinct species. The most common, Upland cotton, offers accessible, affordable quality. Egyptian cotton and pima cotton are both extra-long staple cottons that make for exceptionally soft, luxurious, and high-performing fabrics. While Egyptian and pima cotton share similar premium characteristics, they have different origins. Each require safeguarding to ensure authenticity. PimaCott is the only pima cotton that is tracked and traced from farm to store, for proven pima purity you can feel, see, and trust.

How are cotton products made?

After cotton is harvested at the end of a long growing season, it is ginned to remove seeds, baled, and spun into yarn. The yarn is then woven into a wide variety of fabrics before being cut and sewn into apparel, home textiles, and other fine cotton products you’ll love. PimaCott is made a little differently because it’s quality tested for purity at every step. Learn more about how PimaCott is made right here.

Where are PimaCott products made?

After being grown and ginned in California, our verified pure cotton is sent overseas to be spun, woven, and sewn into the high-quality cotton products our customers deserve. This process, combined with our patented DNA tracking technology, allows us to deliver perfectly pure cotton sheets, towels, and more at an affordable price.

What makes cotton so great?

With unmatched versatility, reliability, and comfort, it’s no wonder cotton is one of the world’s most popular natural fibers. Cotton is breathable yet absorbent, soft yet incredibly durable. Naturally hypoallergenic, odor-resistant, and lower maintenance than synthetic fibers, cotton is the original performance fabric. Learn more about different cotton types, weaves, and care.

How should I care for my cotton products?

No matter if it's pima, Upland, or Egyptian, cotton is as easy to care for as is it comfortable. Simply follow these easy steps to keep your cottons looking and feeling beautiful for years to come. Because every product is different, however, we always recommend following individual label instructions first.