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Creating a Luxurious Bedroom with Pima Cotton Sheets

Maybe you’ve experienced it at a five-star hotel or in the guesthouse of your chicest friend. Everyone has a different definition of luxury, but when it comes to the perfect bed, it just takes one night to know. And once you’ve slept between the sheets of your dreams, we can’t blame you for wanting to recreate that feeling every night. But where to begin? We’ve compiled a guide to creating a luxurious bedroom that makes a great starting point for the discerning sleeper.

Find the Right Mattress

A good mattress is a big investment – and a worthwhile one, considering it will help determine the quality of your sleep for years to come. The perfect mattress is a matter of personal preference – soft or firm, box springs or platform, spring coils or memory foam. The best advice we can give is to test out your mattress in person. Up until just a few years ago, this meant driving to a mattress warehouse and spending an afternoon flopping down on various models under the watchful eye of an eager sales staff. But in today’s age of mattress startups, there are countless companies that will ship you a mattress for a trial period in the comfort of your own home. Some even let you customize not only your own side, but the two sides individually to accommodate different preferences. It can be something of a process but finding the just-right mattress may make all the difference.

Picking the Perfect Sheets

As important as a mattress is, it’s easy to upgrade a lower-quality one with a nice mattress topper or cover. The same can’t be said about sheets. When creating your dream bedroom, you can’t skimp on your sheets – as the piece of bedding that lies next to your skin all night long, buying the highest quality you can afford is crucial. For those who want true luxury sheets, proven pure pima cotton is the only choice. The extra-long staple, or length, of pima cotton fibers gives pima cotton sheets a decadent softness without sacrificing on strength. Pima cotton sheets are not only soft, but naturally breathable and hypoallergenic to help keep you comfortable all night long. And because pima cotton comes in a wide range of thread counts and different weaves – from silky sateen to crisp percale – you’re sure to find a luxury sheet set that fits not only your budget but your taste as well.

Accessorize Away!

Once you’ve got the right mattress and the perfect sheets, it’s time to make a bedroom feel like yours. The true mark of luxury is a thoughtful attention to your personal style and preferences – the all-white high-end hotel look may say luxury to some, while others gravitate towards a cozier or more colorful design scheme. Take the time to think carefully about how you use your bedroom and the kind of feelings you want to feel when you spend time there. Are you someone who likes to spend a lazy Sunday in bed, sipping coffee and reading a good book or catching up on a show all afternoon? Maybe you’ll prioritize a brighter, sun-drenched look and a bigger bedside table. Or if you just use your bedroom as a place to lay your head at night, a subdued, cocoon-like atmosphere with high-quality pillows and heavier window treatments may be for you. In either case, we recommend following your instincts and accessorizing gradually so you can adjust as necessary. Because the best luxury of all is a space that feels like home.

When you’re ready to find the perfect luxury sheets made of pima cotton, look no further than Wamsutta’s PimaCott line from Bed Bath and Beyond. With a diverse range of styles, weaves, and colors, you’re sure to find your perfect bedding – and with our verified pure pima cotton, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting guaranteed quality, softness, and strength.