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How to Find the Best Sheets for Summer

Most people don’t need a thermometer to tell them when spring turns to summer – rising temperatures that lead to sticky tossing and turning take care of that. To help combat seasonal overheating that can ruin your sleep, it’s a good idea to swap your sheets when the mercury rises. But how do you know which sheets will keep you cool when the weather is anything but? Follow our simple rules below to find the best sheets for summer and stay comfortable all night long.

Stick to Natural Fibers

While some synthetic fibers may feel cool to the touch, experts agree that natural fibers like cotton and linen are the best option for bed sheets in summer. Linen can be a good choice for some, but many find it to be rough to the touch – not to mention that taking care of linen sheets can be a pain. Cotton, on the other hand, is soft and low-maintenance and naturally moisture-wicking and extraordinarily breathable. These qualities help keep cotton sheets dry and let air pass through, preventing that damp, sweaty feeling that you get with synthetic sheets. For the ideal combination of cool, soft, and strong, look for a high-quality cotton, like PimaCott’s verified pure pima cotton.

Pick the Right Weave

Cotton is incredibly versatile, which means that there are many different fabric weaves, each with their own pros and cons. For summer bedding, you’ll want to avoid flannel, which has a brushed texture and a unique plushness that’s much better suited to creating a cozy bed in the winter. Sateen is a luxurious, silky cotton fabric that may feel light to the touch, but actually has an ultra-dense weave. This dense weave gives it the sheen and softness needed for fine bedsheets but can make it less well-suited for those who run warm in the summer. Similarly, don’t automatically grab the highest threat count you can find – a mid-range thread count is woven less tightly and allows more air to pass through. Percale is perhaps the perfect cotton weave for summer bed sheets. Crisp and cool to the touch, percale is valued as an ultra-breathable weave that feels comfortable against the skin no matter what the weather.

Opt for Light Colors

With longer days and stronger sunlight, you’ll want to choose sheets that don’t trap warmth unnecessarily. A light-colored sheet set will reflect rather than absorb the light filtering through your bedroom windows, which means they’ll be cooler when you climb in bed at night. Light-colored sheets can also be easier to maintain, as they can be washed with non-chlorine bleach and at warmer temperatures. If you want to go a step further, skip the dryer and line dry your sheets for a crisp, cool feel and the unmistakable smell of a summer breeze.

Don’t Forget Your Covers

We all love cozying up under a warm comforter in the winter, but when summer arrives, it makes sense to put away the puffy duvet. Instead, consider making up your warm weather bed with several thin, breathable blankets or a quilt made of natural fibers. This will allow you to add or lose layers as needed throughout the night. There are plenty of summer-weight comforters and duvets available as well, if you still prefer that fluffy cover feel. In either case, be sure to take all your bedding into consideration, not just your sheets, when building your ideal summer bed.

Now that you know how to pick the best sheets to stay cool all season long, look for the PimaCott label, found on a broad range of Wamsutta sheets and pillowcases. Our seal ensures that the cotton used to make your bedding is always proven pure, high-quality pima cotton. Guaranteed quality is your best bet for staying comfortable as the mercury rises this summer.