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Four Rules to Keep Towels Fresh and Clean

What’s better than wrapping yourself up in a soft, fluffy towel after a shower? Keeping that towel soft and fluffy for years to come. Here are our four best towel care tips for protecting your investment and keeping them in top shape.

Fluffy white towel hanging on a bath tub

Count Uses, Not Days Between Washes

When deciding how often to wash your towels, pay attention to how many times the towel has been used, not how many days have passed since it was last washed. Aim to launder towels every three uses. To minimize wear, be sure to rotate a few towels throughout the week.

Skip the Extra Steps (and Go Easy on the Detergent!)

Though we’ve warned against using fabric softeners and dryer sheets before, it’s especially important to avoid them when washing towels. Softeners can leave behind a waxy residue that actually prevents your towels from absorbing water. Additionally, it’s best to wash towels with about half the detergent you would use for a similar sized load of laundry, as too much detergent can give your towels that “stiff as a board” feeling.

Wash Towels Separately in the Correct Temperature Water

Many people struggle with figuring out how to keep white towels white and and fluffy and the key is water temperature. White towels can be washed in hot water, but colored towels should be washed in warm water to prevent fading and fiber breakdown. Towels should also be washed and dried separately from other kinds of laundry, so you can observe their unique detergent requirements and drying times – and keep them soft and fluffy longer.

Don’t Skimp on the Drying

Moisture breeds bacteria, so make sure you allow your towels to fully dry before storing or using them. (Don’t leave towels in the dryer too long, though, as this can destroy their fibers.) In between the wash and dry cycle, squeeze out excess water. If towels aren’t completely dry from the dryer, let them air-dry the rest of the way. Smell mildew? Skip the detergent and wash towels with a half a cup of baking soda instead to eliminate the odor. 

Our #1 tip? Always start with the highest quality cotton towels available. The verified pure pima cotton in Wamsutta towels stays stronger and softer longer – and is now available at Bed Bath & Beyond.