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Four New Year’s Resolutions for a More Sustainable 2018

It’s that time of year again, when we pick our New Year’s Resolutions – and hope they stick. Why not make this the year that you commit to a goal that helps both yourself and the planet? Here at PimaCott we’re committed to sustainability, so we’ve rounded up four simple steps you can take to make 2018 your greenest year yet.

Tap into the Local Food Movement

You’ve probably enjoyed a delicious meal at a farm-to-table restaurant, but have you thought about ways to bring the farm to your own table? It may surprise you to learn that much of the produce in your supermarket comes from overseas – and that the resources it takes to bring it to grocery aisles near you is no small feat. Joining a CSA or resolving to visit your local farmer's market on a regular basis can help you incorporate more locally grown food into your diet.

Reduce Your Home Energy Footprint

Not only does this resolution help the environment, it’s also a good way to help you save some green. This can be as simple as resolving to swap out lightbulbs with LED replacements or setting up a programmable thermostat. To help you make a plan to cut back, look to your local government – many cities and states have agencies that offer a free energy audit. And don’t forget to unplug small appliances, which can drain “phantom power” even when you’re not using them.

Wash/Dry Smarter to Save Water and Energy

Many of us have been trained to think we need to launder our clothes as often as possible – and in the hottest water available. But some items, like jeans and other denim, don’t need to be washed after every wear. In fact, Levi Strauss finds that washing jeans less frequently could reduce their water “footprint” up to 80%. And as we’ve discussed before on this blog, using cold or warm water to wash sheets will save energy – and help your sheets last longer, too.  Consider air drying your laundry if you have the time – if sheets feel a little stiff after air drying, that’s easily fixed with a quick ironing or a much shorter spin in the dryer when the items are nearly dry.

Invest in Sustainably-Grown Cotton Bedding

Break free of the endless cycle of replacing low-quality linens. Investing in high-quality pima cotton bedding and bath linens ensures that your items will stay strong and soft for years to come. Longer-lasting linens help reduce overconsumption. What’s more, the resources required to produce cheap sheets are often made with unsustainable farming practices. Choosing Wamsutta sheets and towels made with PimaCott verified pure pima cotton ensures that you’re supporting transparent, ethical sourcing and production – and getting luxurious linens that are created to last.